Posted by Rory Causseaux
Fellow Rotarians,
I have just returned from the All Florida President-Elect Training Session (PETS). I am certainly full of the Rotary “cool-aid”, motivated for the 2019/2020 Rotary year, and grateful for the Gainesville Sunrise Rotary Club. There were over 600 folks in attendance including Presidents-Elect from all the clubs in Florida and the Grand Bahamas, visiting Presidents-Elect from other states (half-timers in Florida), All District Governors, All district Governors-Elect, All District Governor Nominees (two years out), Zone Leaders, Rotary International’s General Secretary John Hewko, RI President-Elect Mark Maloney, other visitors, guests and support staff from the Districts and Rotary International.
Thursday-Saturday were filled with training, networking, speakers and celebration. I learned much and came away filled with ideas, thoughts, aspirations, and expectations for Rotary year 2019/2020. I also came away with a totally new appreciation for our club. I heard many wonderful stories of successful activities, service projects, club dynamics and other individual elements of Rotary. However, when I heard stories of club personalities, health, membership, participation, etc., I recognized our club is “heads and shoulders” above all other Rotary clubs.
It is you, each Rotarian in the Gainesville Sunrise Rotary Club, and the relationship bond that we have together, that makes us very unique and special in Rotary circles. I told someone “I’ll die a member of my club.” I offered that bold statement with pride, because I truly love our club and the members of our club. I am very proud and prideful to be a member of the Sunrise Rotary Club of Gainesville and will do my very best to represent our club in 2019/2020 Rotary Year.
Expect more communication as the input received from PETS settles into my mind and matures into formal communications and expectations for 2019/2020 Rotary year. We will have more time in Rotary year 2019/2020 year than the 3-years before as 2020 is a leap year. So, what will we do with that extra day??