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Newberry High School Scholarship Program

2019 Scholarship Winners: From left, Chloe Copti, Morgan Markle, Alyssia Price and Katherine Parker.
The application period for 2020 is now open. Application deadline is Friday, June 5.
Sunrise Rotary Club of Gainesville uses this scholarship to recognize up to three graduating seniors from Newberry High School who are planning on continuing their education at an accredited educational institution. Equal weight will be given to applicants for vocational programs (e.g., community colleges) or for academic pursuits (e.g., 4-year colleges/universities).
The amount of each scholarship is up to $1000. Selection will be based on grades, financial need, student accomplishments, and career goals; a minimum of 2.5 GPA is required to apply. Information submitted will be subject to verification by the school counselor and/or advisor. The selection will be made before graduation at Newberry High School and will be announced at the appropriate forum.
The scholarship check will be awarded after the successful completion of at least 12 credit hours with a 2.5 or above GPA at the educational institution in the year of the award. Application deadline is Friday, June 5.
Selection Process And Other Information
A selection committee comprised of Sunrise Rotary Club members will review applications and make selections. The successful applicants are invited to attend a Sunrise Rotary Club of Gainesville breakfast meeting to discuss their program of choice and career goals. Recipients must attend a Sunrise Rotary meeting after completing the necessary hours to collect the scholarship.
In the application space below, please supply the indicated information. Do NOT upload a resume in lieu of answering the questions. You will receive a confirmation email. If you have questions about the process or experience problems, please contact:
  1. Applicant's name, mail address, email address
  2. Scholarly or programmatic achievement. Information subject to verification. (10 points)
    a) Grade point average
    b) SAT and/or ACT scores if applicable.
    c) Any special curriculum completed.
  3. Institutions applied to and/or where accepted
  4. Interact Club participation (10 points). List your years of service as an Interact Club Member, note Interact Club offices held and year held and projects led.
  5. Extracurricular school activities (25 Points). For each club, organization or athletic team, note the name, number years of membership and offices held or projects chaired. Do not repeat Interact activities.
  6. Hours of community service and non-school activities completed (25 points). For each social, community, or religious organization note the name, years of participation and any offices held or projects chaired. Also, identify any work experience gained either paid or as a volunteer. Note community service hours.
  7. A statement of financial need and career goals, maximum 250 words. (15 points)
  8. One letter of support from a non-family member. A scan of the letter can be uploaded with your information. (15 points)