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Flagler / Palm Coast Campus of Daytona St College
Aug 06, 2022
7:00 AM – 3:30 PM
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Jul 07, 2022
It's A Mystery
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Just like that,
next week is a New Rotary Year!
From District Governor "Coop" Cooper: It’s the end of our Rotary year, not our Rotary journey. A great thing about Rotary is that at the end of one Rotary year begins another new and exciting Rotary year. It’s a time for the old guard to take a breath and for the new guard to lead our clubs and district into the future. Just imagine the possibilities. What a fantastic journey we’ve experienced together. I hope your lives have all changed through the opportunity of service through Rotary.   
This Week's Program
Dr. Amy Williams
Update on the Mars Perseverance Project
Last year, Dr. Amy Williams spoke to Sunrise Rotary while we were "Zooming."  Now she is returning to update us on the Mars Perseverance mission in which she has been participating as an astrobiologist. It’s actually Williams’ second Mars mission, as her first was on the Curiosity rover team in 2009 as a PhD student.
Williams studies how life can be preserved in the geological units of a planet. Her subspecialty is organic geochemistry, meaning she specializes in the organic components that living things are made of and how they’re preserved in rocks. Her role on the Perseverance mission is to look for organic matter on Mars.
She is an Assistant Professor of Geology at the University of Florida. Prior to joining the University of Florida, she was an Assistant Professor of Geology at Towson University, and a postdoctoral research associate at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. 
Folks, get ready.  This week we'll be way out there in space.
 New Member Spotlight
Dianne Voitle
Dianne Voitle is from right here in Gainesville, FL, and graduated from Gainesville High School.  She has a large family of 75 extended members and is the youngest of six children. Diane has two sons, two daughters-in-laws, two grandsons, two bonus grand daughters, two grand doggies and a husband of 35 years!
Dianne attended Santa Fe College (Paralegal), Broward College (Psychology), non-traditional Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine ( Acupuncture Physician and Functional Medicine Practitioner).
Dianne worked in the mortgage business for approximately 40 years, with the privilege of working in holistic healthcare for a short tenure (10 years). She currently works at Watson Mortgage Corp as a Loan officer.  Dianne is also an Acupuncture Physician specializing in mental and emotional support.  She believes in the good of mankind and works for the betterment of humanity. 
Dianne loves to read, travel and enjoy family time!
President Pam:
39th or 41st President?
Last week this newsletter editor reported that President Pam was our 41st President.  Since we just celebrated our 40th Anniversary last year, it's only logical that the next President, effective July 1, 2022, is the 41st.  Right?  Well, one astute reader pointed out (in jest)  that perhaps she's our 39th, since we've had two presidents that served two terms each (Rory Causseaux and Dick Tarbox).  In other words, they've been counted twice, twice, or something like that.  However, this editor can only count ducks in a row, or presidents as the case may be, one at a time, so we're officially going with 41st President!
Going Out
In Style!
While not there in person, sources report that President Darleen is going out in style;  Party Style!  She is pictured here, at last week's meeting, with sidekick Bobbie Robinson, in their finest nosery.  And just look at those summer outfits!
A Message from Incoming President Pam
to Outgoing President Darleen
Keith and I are visiting family in Colorado this week, so I will not be at our last meeting of the Rotary year. As I write this, we are in the mountains in Estes Park, enjoying cooler temperatures and lovely vistas. Our cute little cabin sits right on the Big Thompson River that flows through town. 
Tell Our Person Darleen that even though it will be hard to leave this idyllic setting, I will definitely be back before the first snow. 😉 How's that for an incoming president!
Two Sunrise Rotarians
Making A Difference
This week the families at the Ronald McDonald House enjoyed hearing Mike Spranger's music on the piano and Sherry Houston's attempt to sing.  A good time was clearly had by everyone-especially Mike and Sherry. Mike tried to sneak in some moldy oldies from the 50s & 60s, but Sherry was too YOUNG (born too late) and didn’t know any of the songs. 🥴.   They did determine they fit in well with the no-singing ban of Sunrise Rotary!  But some joyful noise provided some fun for them and the guests of RMH. Just wondering if there's a recording or maybe an album in the future?  Sherry and Mike has a good ring to it as a new recording couple!  Sort of like---Sonny and Cher!  Maybe they'll perform at our next Sunrise Rotary party; of course, the songs will have to be recent ones so Sherry will know them.  But then, us oldies in the club would not know the songs!
Next Butterfly Garden Clean-up Workday
July 16--9-10AM
Francois Roulet is the Sunriser in charge of the Ronald McDonald House Butterfly Garden clean-up for 2022-23.  Francois needs our help in mid-July. The photos below show the status of the garden on June 23, 2022.  Francois will be collecting the names of those that can help.  Find his list and get on it!
The retention pond needs trimming.  Bring weed-wackersBring water to drink because it will be hot.
See these little weeds.  The rain will make them big weeds in three weeks and they will be waiting to be pulled out.  Bring gloves.
All the vegetation needs to be trimmed.  Bring pruning shears, trimmers and blowers to clean up the mess.
Laraine and David Teiss
Reporting in from Melbourne Beach
What a great family photo from Laraine and David! Their family reunion in Melbourne Beach celebrated 41 wonderful years together with their children, grandchildren and niece and her family from Pennsylvania.  Eight days of fun, sun and making memories! 
Another Sunriser
Reporting from Out West
New member Dianne Voitle said in her member spotlight above, that she liked to travel.  Well, she's already at it!  Here's a picture Dianne sent in from Bryce National Park in Utah! Dianne reports that Zion, Bryce and Arches National Parks do not disappoint! Beautiful country with nature's art! She was headed to the sunrise in Monument Valley! 😁😁😁  This editor can certainly vouch for her excitement, having returned from visiting all these areas in May.
International Trip Report #4
(and last)
This week's report is to share a remarkable vessel with you.  Built in 2011, the "Compass Rose," hailing port, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, stopped into the Spanish Cay Marina to pick up passengers who are flying in to join the cruise.  On her way to Bermuda, she is 160' in length, 36' beam, 12.6' draft with a cruising speed of 12 knots.  She has been here in other years, but what is remarkable is the "Compass Rose" is a seven-vessel package.  The stern of the ship opens to allow a large sport fisherman to dock inside the main vessel.  You can see the sport fisherman's tower and outriggers in the photo.  On the third deck are four smaller, single and twin-engine outboards.  Some are outfitted for various kinds of fishing, such as bone fishing on the flats; another appears to be a large dinghy for going ashore or to a dock while the larger vessel is anchored.  The seventh vessel is the twin engine tender boat docked alongside.  Seem like a lot?  Don't worry, in the world of yachting, there are 1,046 other yachts larger than the "Compass Rose," and a few now belong to the US government or European countries, instead of Russian oligarchs.  But don't worry, while taking out the garbage, I discovered our garbage smells just like theirs!
Next Rotary International Convention
in Australia
As encouraged in the most recent Sunrise newsletters, every Rotarian should make an attempt to attend a Rotary International Convention.  Facebook sent a reminder this last week that Wayne, Mitzi, Jim and Becky attended the convention in Lisbon, Portugal, nine years ago.  This coming year is your chance to attend the convention in Australia, a great destination.
Rotary Leadership Institute
Coming Up!

Rotary Leadership Institute, Saturday August 6, 2022

We have another Rotary Leadership Institute coming up in August at the Palm Coast campus of Daytona State College. Log into DACDB to signup

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