By now we hope you've seen or heard about the great service project that Sunrise Rotary (actually, Rory Causseaux!) organized this past Saturday at Newberry High. By all accounts it was a great success! A good number of Sunrisers were joined by more than 60 students and faculty from the school to landscape the front entrance median with new plants. Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved we were all done by 11 am and enjoyed some pizza, drinks and good feelings about a job well done. (By Rory's account we consumed 5 dozen donuts, 2 cases of cokes, two cases of water, and 30 pizzas.) The rains have returned just in the nick of time too, to keep everything alive and well. If you want to see more, there are a zillion photos on our Facebook page, as well as a link to the TV 20 story that Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe arranged. 
We need to give credit where credit is due. First of all, thanks to Rory and Terri Causseaux whose special magic made everything happen. Thanks also to Tropic Traditions/Jim Fleming, Watson Construction/Doug Dabney, Bryce Burger Landscape, LLC/Bryce Burger and CHW/EJ/Sara for all they did to make this event over-the-top successful. And thanks to the students at Newberry, who made us remember what a special thing school spirit really is, and who have given us a chance to contribute in some way to making things better. Hopefully, this is just Phase I of a larger project to make over the school's entrance. We're keeping fingers crossed that we will be funded by the district grants program, and in that case, you'll be hearing again from us!