Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Maia McGuire, Florida Sea Grant Ext Agent Jul 30, 2020 7:00 AM
Microplastics in the Marine Environment

Microplastics are very small pieces of plastic that pollute the environment. Really small! They enter
natural ecosystems from a variety of sources, including cosmetics, clothing and industrial processes.
They degrade slowly, often over hundreds or thousands of years. China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand
and Vietnam dump more plastics in the ocean than all other countries combined. Who knows who
counted all the bits and pieces, but one estimate in 2018 was that 270 thousand tons of microplastics
were in the world’s oceans. In marine environments, microplastics have been found in sandy beaches,
surface waters, the water column and deep sea sediments. This week’s speaker will inform us about the
kinds of microplastics we have in the ocean, why we should care and what we can do about it.

Jennifer Webb Aug 06, 2020
Mayhem or Magnificence—Tips on Using Zoom Effectively

All of us are in a learning curve when it comes to creating and attending successful virtual meetings. However, there’s a big difference between effective meetings, and those that leave you laughing, confused or bored. Jennifer Webb’s dynamic presentation is designed to share strategies she’s learned to ensure virtual meetings are always successful. She’ll discuss overcoming unexpected obstacles as well as technology tips. Bottom line: Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be professional, effective and keep everyone awake!

Jon Levy, News Director, WCJB Aug 20, 2020
Building the TV-20 news segments

Jon is a South Florida native who initially made the move from Broward County to Gainesville back in 2001.

Somewhere in the course of completing two degrees at UF, Gainesville became home. Jon is a former Rock 104 DJ, and a self-described "radio guy." Slightly more recently, he spent four years working in news radio in Washington, DC. That distance didn't stop Jon and his wife from doing a "destination wedding" in Gainesville, getting married at the base of Century Tower in 2014. The next year the Levys returned to North Central Florida more permanently as Jon started his TV20 career. In his free time, Jon changes diapers and spends too much time thinking about the Chicago Bears.

Kelsey Joy Buell Aug 27, 2020
Taking Risks During Times of Change

Kelsey Buell is a risk-taking, socially poised and motivating team builder with strong passion for training and development. She was born in Niceville, Florida and has a lot of family that lives in Lakeland, Florida. She spent most of her childhood growing up in Minnesota and went to college at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota where she majored in Public Relations. She is an accomplished electric violinist and singer having performed in front of audiences as large as 20,000. She has given over 200 presentations on networking skills, communication strategies, and behavioral assessments. Kelsey’s life mission is to use her enthusiasm for people and love for music to positively influence others. Her presentation will focus on how to:

  • Lean into your strengths – understand how you will feel taking the risk and how to remain resilient
  • Don’t let your circumstances stop you – never a perfect time; and
  • What happens if you don’t take the risk